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Dr. Shadi Mazloumi clinic

Specialized clinic for skin and hair, laser and eyebrow transplant

  • The most equipped specialized skin and hair center in Iran
  • To provide the best services to clients
  • Performing specialized services such as hair transplantation and various skin surgeries
دکتر شادی مظلومی متخصص پوست

Fat Injection

To rejuvenate the face, fat is used as a filler. Fillers are substances that add volume and rejuvenate the skin by entering a layer of the skin. Fat injection is also included in the category of fillers.

Botox and filler injections

aesthetic injections include fillers and Botox injections. Botox injection is one of the invasive methods of skin rejuvenation and is a safe and effective way to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant is one of the methods that Makes your eyebrows more beautiful forever. for eyebrow transplant process, hairs are removed from the areas around the head or the sides of the ears and planted in the eyebrow area

About the clinic

Dr. Shadi Mazloomi’s clinic

Specialized clinic for skin and hair, laser and eyebrow transplant

Dr. Shadi Mazloomi’s specialized skin, hair and laser clinic is one of the most equipped skin and hair specialized centers in Iran, and to provide better services to clients such as hair transplantation and various skin surgeries, Dr. Mazloumi established a hair and laser clinic.

This specialized clinic is located in Alborz Province Medical Center, Taleghani Crossroad, Karaj, and has several separate operating rooms, fully equipped with the latest and most advanced laser devices in the world, which are approved by the FDA and the European Union.

Shadi Mazloumi clinic services

Based on following the latest technology of the world and complying with world standards

Tattoo removal

every tattoo artist would tell their client the type of ink they are using and how its removed so that the client is aware of what they are doing for them...

Laser hair removal

excess hair growth is one of the most unpleasant things that everyone experiences when they reach puberty. Excess hair not only has effect on your appreance, but also some parts of the body such as...


Mesotherapy is injectable solutions that can contain a wide range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and coenzymes ...

Rejuvenating devices

Types of rejuvenating devices: From before until today, skin rejuvenation have been very important for all people, especially women. Skin rejuvenation methods are divided into two categories: home and office ...

Cosmetic eyelid surgery

Drooping eyelids occur for different reasons, from natural causes to more serious conditions such as diseases. The doctor can diagnose the cause in ...

laser therapy

By increasing the metabolism and the fuel generator in the body, laser therapy provides more energy available to the cells for repair and regeneration, so, it is an effective and widely used treatment modality in physiotherapy.

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View frequently asked questions by customers and audiences
What is the cause of hair loss after mesotherapy and PRP?

Hair loss is because of hereditary factors, vaccinations, and lichen planus. Many people think that PRP is the only way to treat hair loss. But according to the cause of hair loss, the treatment will take time and it will take at least 7 to 8 months so you should be patient.

What are the methods for rejuvenation with a short recovery period?

The use of a HIFU device, RF needle, Mesofiller and fillers are ways of rejuvenation with a short recovery period.

Will there be a scar after surgery?

In Shadi Skin and Hair Clinic, the scars can be controlled, 8 weeks after removing the sutures, the suture scar is controlled using microdermabrasion or PDL laser.

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